Eposly provide a Point-of-Sale Solution that sits natively on the Salesforce platform. Our solution can be configured to fit with many verticals and industries, from fields sales and service environments to high value retail store use.


We are based in the United Kingdom but can provide our solution alongside the Salesforce platform in many regions, please contact us for more details.



Our Team

David Cameron

Founder & Technical Director
David is an innovative salesforce technical architect that has a deep understanding of the platform, eco system and industry. David has many years of working for organisations in retail and related industries.

Joe Stean

Founder & Operations Director
Joe has a breadth and depth of experience working for retail, cpg and field service clients in relation to operational transformation and salesforce implementations. Joe has worked in these eco-systems for over 8 years.

Abhinav Bathla

Mobile Development Architect
Abhinav has been leading mobile development teams within many industries for over 12 years. He was architected many mobile and web applications for the retail industry and is also an expert in the payments integration space.

Iain Clements

Customer Success Manager
Iain is a master of success. He has the ability to eternally keep track of all key factors that enable our customers to be successful. Iain also has over 10 years exposure to the salesforce platform at technical and functional levels within SaaS.

Vikrant Bhatia

Lead iOS Developer
Vikrant is a detail orientated lead mobile developer, with a focus and passion for test driven development and agile practice. Vikrant brings 6+ years of iOS development from iOS v7 to the current feature set.

Remy Bessolo

Marketing, Events and Creative
Remyas been a marketing and events co-ordinator for over 5 years. She has experience of running successful campaigns along many industry sectors including retail and manufacturing.

Chris Stean

Financial Controller
Chris has many years of front line and management in financial teams within large, small and startup organisations. Chris keeps all the pins lined up.

Ankarit Swains

Mobile Test Engineer
Ankarit holds it all together on the testing side. He enable the delivery model and speed at which we drive forward our disruption. Ankarit is ASTBQ certified,

Florina Ogubundo

Web Test Engineer
Florina is a master at test automation for web driven technologies. She has implemented from the ground up full stack testing capabilities for a number of organisations within the payments industry.