It’s been a tough year for retail.

Tough time for Retail

The retail industry has suffered worse than most during the events of 2020. It has been a tough time for many and a time that will have ongoing impacts for at least the next few years. We are beginning to see businesses close and we may be entering a period of disruption for the industry.

Its not all doom and gloom though, there are many retailers that are thriving! At Eposly we have seen increasing interest from forward thinking retailers. Many retailers have taken this time to regroup and refocus on a new digital future. We have had an increase in interest in our products and services throughout 2020. This has filled us with optimism for the future of retail and especially for physical bricks and mortar retailers that have been hardest hit.

New priorities for retail

There is a repeating theme that we hear from our customers and prospects, and that is one of digitisation and of omnichannel. Modern physical retailers are increasingly joining the dots digitally between their online operations and their physical stores; online and physical are both very important elements in the end to end customer experience.

  • Click and Collect – The ability to order online and then pickup in store. The POS system needs to have full visibility of all orders placed.
  • Omnichannel – The ability for orders from many sources, phone, online, field sales, store sales, partner channels and more to all be available in a single system of truth.
  • Endless isle – The store can be an extension of the retail website, offering items that are not always stocked in-store.
  • Inventory management – the ability to have realtime visibility of stock levels in store and also at other stores, so that sales can still be closed.
  • Pay by invoice – the ability to send quotes and invoices to customers so that they can either pay later, as part of a deposit and final payment scheme or simply to allow customer to pay fully contactless, at a safe distance in Realtime and via their own mobile phones
  • Mobility – improving the customer experience with mobile points of sale, allowing your store staff to have a “pos-in-my-pocket”, and be able to service and transact anywhere in the store!
The future looks bright for retailers that have weathered the storm of 2020 and have the vision to transform.

The future of retail point of sale

Quote sent from Eposly
Quote sent from Eposly

Eposly is at the fore front of the current disruption that is being forced on to retailers. Legacy point-of-sale and retail management systems that care little about the customer experience no longer have a place for a modern omnichannel focussed retailer.

Eposly provides customer focussed POS systems that are built natively on the Salesforce platform and leveraging mobile apps. This ensures a tight Realtime connection to all customer information and data, and a next generation experience for both customer and store staff.

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