What is Eposly?

Eposly is a point of sale and retail management app built on the salesforce platform. Our salesforce and mobile app has revelusioised retail by getting retailers closer to their customers with a modern, integrated mobile solution.

For too long retailers have operated with siloed, legacy point of sale systems that are disconnected from CRM and marketing processes. This causes three challenges that the modern retailer needs to address 

  1. Customers expect a personalised and mobile in store experience

  2. Customers need access to their purchase history ( regardless of purchase channel ) and CRM data in store

  3. Post purchase, retailers need to engage shoppers with customer specific 1-2-1 marketing campaigns based on actual purchase history

How can retailers use Eposly to solve these challenges?

  1. Eposly is mobile first – This means your customers have the flexibility to complete a purchase anywhere on the shop floor, at a fixed point checkout or even outside of the store.

  2. Eposly is built on the salesforce platform – This means that customer data can be accessed in store in real time

  3. Eposly is connected – This means that retailers can use data captured at the point of sale to drive customer specific marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to increase your customer conversion, improve in store customer experience or increase customer lifetime value, then please book in a demo with one of our retail experts at www.eposly.io

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