Donations for Charities

Eposly is well known as the leader in Point-of-Sale solutions on the Salesforce platform, with a particular expertise towards luxury brands, high value goods and customer experience.

But did you know that Eposly also has good coverage in the not-for-profit sector and with charities?

The Eposly mobile checkout experience is well placed to help charities with their donation collection campaigns. With an always on mobile network connection the donations teams can work anywhere, at planned events, in the street or at your meeting rooms. Our quick easy interface ensures that you respect your donors time.

Mobile checkout
  • Mobile device, iPad or iPhone user experience.
  • Integrates to multiple person present card payment terminals.
  • No PCI compliance required for our customers, this is all handled within the solution.
  • We send pdf receipts, no need for fixed printers.
Watch the overview video
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