Eposly Print Connector

The Eposly Print Connector provides a link between Salesforce running in a browser and the printers that are installed on the computer.

Minimum System Requirements

Java Versions

ProductMinimum Java Version
Eposly Print Connector 2.1Java 8 / OpenJDK 11
Our suggested download: https://adoptopenjdk.net

If Java is not installed, then the EPC installer will prompt to download and install.

Operating Systems

Operating SystemMinimum Version
Apple OS XOS X 10.7 Lion or higher*
Microsoft WindowsWindows XP or higher*
LinuxUbuntu 12.04 Precise or higher

Version 2.0 or higher requires 512MB of free memory (RAM), recommends 6GB or higher total system memory for raster graphics.

*Safari 5.1.7 is bundled with Lion but is not supported. Alternate browser required.
*Windows XP requires manual certificate installation. Will prompt at install time.

Web Browsers

Web BrowserMinimum Version
SafariSafari 6.0.3 or higher
FirefoxFirefox 31 or higher*
ChromeChrome 31 or higher
Internet ExplorerIE 10 or higher*
Microsoft Edge20.x or higher*

Certificate Management

Current certificate expiry date: 12 July 2025

The certificate files are stored in a static resource in salesforce. The certificates are generally centrally managed by Eposly and you will be contacted when there is a need to upgrade/swap the certificate. In future if we needed to change the certificate (when the current one expires) then we just need to swap certificate files in the certificates folder within a static resource zip file.


Please download the Eposly Print Connector here:

Windows Installer

Mac Installer

Mac M1 (Arm) Installer